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The Christian practice of generosity is one of the ways we grow as followers of Jesus and join him in his work in the world. There are a number of ways to financially support the ministries of Whitby FMC.


Give In-Person

We have an offering box on-site at the church if you would like to make an in-person contribution, or you can use any of the following online means of giving.

Direct Debit Pre-authorization

Please contact our office at to request a pre-authorized direct debit form.


We accept e-transfers. Send your gift as an e-transfer to 

PD-final_NM.22_19.jpg is a safe, secure electronic church tithing service.

Click below to give through

Use of Designated Donations

Whitby FMC uses your gifts for the purpose of furthering its ministry impact, for budgeted expenses, and for board approved projects. If a project for which designated gifts are received: (i) has been fully funded; (ii) cannot be completed for reasons beyond the control of Whitby FMC; or (iii) is an inactive ministry, the Board reserves the right to use such funds for its general budget or for other similar projects.

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